1. David & Christine

    Thank you again so much Raffy!! Everyone was raving about the music and you made wonderful introductions and the transitions so smooth!!
    We will absolutely give you great reviews and we will definitely be recommending your services to our friends as well.

  2. Shant & Ani

    Thank you so much for everything Raffy!!
    It was even better than we expected. You were great man. I don't think it could've gone any better.
    Happy anniversary to you again!

  3. Doug

    DJ Raffy is awesome, he got the dance floor packed in no time! We use him all the time at our company events where we need a DJ and our wedding was no different. He was able to play everything we wanted, is super friendly and accommodating. Always on time, always energetic and can read the crowd and get everyone into it.

  4. Pateel

    Raffy was amazing! He was referred to me and I couldn't have been happier!!! He was so professional, always returned my calls right away and made me feel so at ease with the planning. He welcomed my feedback and really wanted to tailor the evening to our wishes. He mixed a variety of different music and really got the crowd going. I had guests telling me what an incredible DJ I had. Honestly, I know he was an integral part of the success of our wedding! Thanks Raffy!!!

  5. Med

    We had an excellent experience with DJ Raffy for our wedding last October. I would say there are three things we appreciated - 1) He was hassle free. We negotiated a price and game plan and that was it. He took care of speaker set up with the hotel etc. When a bride and groom are worrying about 5000 things coming together, this was a huge plus. From the intros, the first dance, father daughter, etc - he nailed it. 2) He did a great job balancing our request list while playing great songs not on our list. He played the songs we wanted and played great dance songs. 3) he read the crowd, saw what it liked, and ran with it. We had a unique wedding because there was a very international crowd and he kept everyone happy. Bottom line - the dance floor was packed until they literally turned on the lights and kicked us out of the ballroom. That should tell it all.

  6. Portia

    DJ Raffy is simply amazing. He helped to make our wedding spectacular. We had a great phone conversation and exchanged a few follow up emails about all of our preferences (and he knows every single question to ask the bride/groom to make sure all goes well). He was very professional the whole time, included everything in his rates and was very up front about the services he provides. He checked with us in advance to make sure he was playing things we'd like and avoiding other stuff. DJ Raffy carried off all of our special requests flawlessly- we needed one song played at a very specific time, another song we needed played but without certain more vulgar parts, he helped us to make a special moment for some friends by playing a set of their favorite type of music to get them on the dance floor then playing "their song" since it was their anniversary. they cried. just beautiful. he had nigerian music on hand even though I forgot to request that in advance and we ended up needing him to play some songs- our nigerian and non-nigerian guests loved them. he was an excellent MC- for our entrances, the wedding shoe game, everything. He is a master at handling song requests from guests- just let him work his magic. We had a diverse group (age-wise, culture-wise) & everybody loved the music he played. We wanted a dance party and I asked him to play all of the types of songs I love- he nailed it. And he even made sure there was a tiny bit of down time (in the types of songs I like) so I wasn't just dancing for hours straight and exhausting myself. He somehow knew the exact songs to transition to when half of the party got in the pool. We could not have hired a better DJ for our wedding. I can't recommend DJ Raffy highly enough.

  7. LSC-SF

    Raffy was amazing! He was our wedding DJ and played for our Armenian/non-Armenian wedding. This is no easy feat, but Raffy nailed it. He had a great balance between the two and played most of our requested songs on our play list. He was very professional to work with and was a great MC too. I highly recommend Raffy!

  8. Asandrik

    DJ Raffy worked with us for our October wedding in San Francisco at the Four Seasons and did an excellent job- we were very impressed by the quality of his work and definitely recommend him. In terms of friendliness and overall client service, Raffy could not have been better- from the time we met in person, he helped us out with what to pick for music (mix of Armenian, Lebanese, American, European, etc.) and organized an excellent itinerary, based on what we had discussed, and was very responsive and attentive to what we wanted up to the day of the wedding. During the reception, Raffy was very effective in engaging the audience and picking the right music, and we received lots of compliments on the mix of music- lots of people were dancing, which was very important to us. Additionally, the volume of the music was not too loud (which the older crowd appreciated) during dinner, and he did a very good job with the announcements, and moving things along in a very seamless way. An excellent all-around experience.

  9. Shahkarami

    DJ Raffy is absolutely the BEST! We live in Oregon so we had to do all our planning from far away. I had seen him perform at various weddings and he was the first person/vendor I booked when I became engaged...I knew we had to have him! I gave him maybe 8 must-have songs on a list and the intros to our bridal party and the names of the first/father-daughter/mother-son dances and that was it! I knew he would feel the crowd and would have the best music to make them dance...and did we ever! I've never had so much fun at a wedding, let alone at a club, than I did that night 🙂 Wow! My feet were burning for the next two days I danced so much! Thank you so much Raffy! You made the night absolutely incredible! 🙂